Physicians prescribe ICR, instead of CR, for their cardiac patients. ICR patients begin with an individual consultation with a cardiac rehab specialist at their local, Pritikin-certified, ICR facility. Then they start exercising under medical supervision and, if it’s medically necessary, they are monitored with telemetry equipment.

At the facility, your patients also view the Pritikin Education Series, which consists of healthy lifestyle education delivered in workshop and video format, as well as hands-on cooking demonstrations. Each of the video lectures feature a subject matter expert from the Pritikin Longevity Center — experts in the fields of nutrition, medicine, exercise, culinary arts, and psychology.

Your patients will also benefit from the personal attention of your personnel at the facility who’ve been trained regarding the Pritikin ICR program. They moderate lecture sessions, answer your patients’ questions, address their concerns and have tools to help keep you informed of each patient’s progress.